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Harry Potter Led Sign Gift For Fan

We are so confident that you will love our product that we will refund your purchase if you don’t. Pure and Simple!

"Yer a wizard Harry." ― Rubeus Hagrid

LED Lamp

These lights look great in a lit room and completely awesome in the dark. Pictures can not capture the awe generated from these lights! They are great for your man cave, and perfect for a kids room as a nightlight. Clear Cut Concepts strives for originality and best on class signs for WHATEVER your interest is in.

Our acrylic panels are 3/16” cut with a laser and mask to ensure pristine quality then engraved with an Epilog Helix laser engraver. Overall acrylic size can very depending on the shape of the various designs we offer.

The base is constructed out of plastic. The corners of the base are rounded for safer handling making it safe for a kid’s room. All of the electronics are embedded into the base of the light. No wires are visible from the front or sides. When the light is shipped, the engraved acrylic panel is removed from the light for safe shipment. Upon receipt, it will require removing the protective covering from the front of the engraved acrylic panel and then inserting it into the base.

Dimension: 7.9" x 5.7"

LED Illumination
Each light comes with an integrated LED controller that lets you control the colors and mode wirelessly. The remote is an RF Wireless Remote which does not need direct line of sight to function. This allows you to change the light modes from across the room; or even control from another room! The remote gives you the ability to pick the following colors:

Light Blue

Static Colors (7 available colors)
Fade between all colors
Fade Between Red, Green, and Blue
Strobe each color
Flash between all colors
Flash Between Red, Green, and Blue
LED Brightness

Power Type
Integrated 3ft USB Cable
3 AA Batteries

The integrated USB gives you the ability to power the light with either a computer USB port, USB power adapter, or a USB portable power pack. It does not come with an outlet adapter.